Use the trail map together with the detailed descriptions to follow the trail.


Yeni Erenköy Trail


Trail Info:

Start / End: Information Office in  Erenköy Village Center

Distance: 11,5 km

Ascent: +180 m

Difficulty level: Easy/moderate


Village Center (1) – Valley (8)

Walk 100 m north from the Tourism Information Office (1) in the village center. At the junction, the main road turns right. Take the L turn to west for 100 m. On the right there is an industrial building (2) made of sandstone bricks. In the village, the paintmarks are mostly on the electric poles. Find the first yellow-green paintmark on the electric pole by the industrial building. Go west and take the first R (3) to north. 100 m ahead, pass between the old cinema (Erdoğan Hoşsöz Cultural Palace) building (4) on your left and the Archangelos Michael Church on the right. Turn R following the yardwall around the church yard, descending on the asphalt road towards north. The road turns left and then right. 80 m from the corner, turn L to dirt track (5) towards west. On the dirt track, pass through sparsely planted olive trees for 300 m. Get onto the asphalt road (6) and keep going in the same direction for 800 m. This asphalt road curves around the houses and turns left. At this corner (7), leave the asphalt by turning R onto the dirt track towards north. 20 m from the asphalt, turn L to go west. 100 m ahead, pass by the last village house and descend into the valley.

Valley (8) – Narrow Beach (12)

After passing by the last house, turn L and go south for 60 m. Make a hairpin turn (8) and head north towards the sea. Follow the dirt track curving west for 630 m and arrive at a junction (9). Turn R at the junction towards the sea. In 100 m, arrive at a four-way junction (10). Go straight across for 100 m and arrive at an open area overlooking the seaside. From here, follow the dirt track going down to the beach for 50 m. At the big rock (11) on the side of the road, turn L. Take a narrow path to reach at the dirt track (12) by a very narrow sandy beach.

Narrow Beach (12) - Carob Store House (17)

Turn R on the dirt track by the narrow beach and go southwest away from the seaside. This road curves left going up a steep slope. At the top, follow the dirt track for 300 m going along the coastline. There are rock heaps along the dirt track. At the point where the rock heaps end (13), leave the dirt track by turning L. Climb down several steps in the rock and then up a few steps to climb up to the top of a bare and jagged rock face. There is no visible footpath in this section. Walk 80 m across the uneven rock face to east to arrive at the footpath (14) descending to a big sandy beach. At the sandy beach, walk along the surf to the east end of the beach. At the east end of the beach (15), walk on the flat rocks at the edge of the land. (On wavy days, waters may come up to the flat rocks, making them slippery. In this case, walk higher up where the rocks are dry). 750 m ahead, leave the flat rocks by turning R onto the dirt track (16). On the left, there is a ruined house on the hill. Follow the dirt track along the coast for 1800 m to east / northeast all the way to an old Carob Store House (big ruin on the seaside made of sandstone) (17). The trail passes by a big ditch right before the Carob Store House.

Carob Store House (17) - Trail Gate

Go 60 m south from the Carob Store House and turn L (18) to get onto the dirt track leading east. Continue along the dirt track by the seaside 700 m all the way to a big sandy beach. Walk down (19) to the beach, turn R at the big rock in the middle. Find the asphalt road (20) by the building and walk 600 m on the curvy road to arrive at the wooden trail gate (right after the hotel construction on the right). On the trailgate it reads “Yeni Erenköy Pakuru / Aigialousa / Yalusa Trail”.

Trailgate - Yeni Erenköy Village (26)

Walk west on the dirt track by the Trail Gate. (The dirt tracks go through the fields to end in village). Turn R (21) after 130 m. There is a fruit orchard on the right. Follow the curvy road for 360 m to west. Arrive at an open area with junction of several dirt tracks. There is a carob tree in the middle. Continue in the same direction and walk by the carob tree to find a four-way junction (22) 70 m ahead. Go straight across the junction. Follow the road for 840 m where there is a hill covered with thyme bushes on the left and fields on the right. Turn L at the junction (23) to go southeast for 80 m and then turn R (24). 210 m ahead, turn R (25) again and continue for 130 m to reach the asphalt road (26).

Asphalt Road (26) - Information Office (1)

Turn L to south on the asphalt road and walk uphill for 500 m. Turn L (27) and go to the junction 230 m ahead. At the junction (28), turn R. Walk uphill on curvy road for 150 and turn R (29) into a narrower road. Turn L at the end of the road and in 50 m arrive at a five-way junction (30). Take the southwest road and reach the village center 100 m ahead. Walk 75 m south on the mainroad to arrive the Tourism Information Office (1).

Difficulty Levels

Easy: Flat to slight slopes

Moderate: Moderate Slopes

Difficult: Trail with Steep slopes

Very Difficult: Trail with very steep slopes requiring scrambling