Use the trail map together with the detailed descriptions to follow the trail.


Kantara Trail


Trail Info:

Start/End: The trailhead for this trail is the neighborhood square in Kantara Neighborhood.

Distance: 9 km

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Ascent: +420 m

Difficulty level: Easy


         Visit to the castle is not factored into the values given for distance and duration of the trail.


Kantara Neighborhood (1) Water Fountain (8)

Trailhead is the square in the middle (1) of Kantara. Facing the Kantara Restaurant enterance turn R (east) and walk on the asphalt. In about 100 meters find the tailgate and a concrete pyramid (P4) at the corner. Turn L at the corner (2), and walk up a steep slope on old asphalt road, passing by abandoned cottages. There are green-white circle marks on the trees and rocks. At the top the asphalt ends (3) and the dirt track starts. Continue on the dirt track with stunning views of the north coast. Follow the dirt track undulating on the mountain ridge. Pass by the firebreak (4) and straight through the crossroads (5). There are red colored markings as well. Follow the main dirt track with deep undulations over steep slopes. Pass straight through crossroads (6). At the junction (7) turn R onto a level dirt track. Soon after, the castle is visible on top of limestone cliffs. Arrive at the water fountain (8).

Water Fountain (8) Picnic Area Playground (17)

Pass by the water fountain (8) up a moderate slope to an open space where a dirt track branches off to left. Take the left dirt track and go downhill along a firebreak. Pass a very big boulder (9) to the right. Keep on the main track, down a steep and long downhill part of the trail to arrive at a junction (10) with the concrete pyramid P3. Turn R (T35) and up the dirt track to come around the southern side of the castle. Arrive at the asphalt (11) and continue on the asphalt for about 150 meters to find the junction (12) to a dirt track and turn L to go down. Soon the dirt track makes a hairpin turn to R. At the fork (13), take the track on the L. Walk down a gentle slope, pass by a derelict building and make a hairpin turn L near the asphalt (14). Follow the dirt track down to go around the picnic area curving R. At the junction (15), turn R and then L. At the bottom turn R onto the lower track (16) to pass on the left side of the playground (17).

Picnic Area Playground (17) Kantara Neighborhood (1)

At the next junction (18), turn L downhill and then continue straight at the next junction (19). Keep on the main track passing through other junctions (20, 21, 22) to arrive at a junction (23), to turn R up a very steep dirt track. Follow the winding and narrowing track up to a junction (24) and turn R to reach a paved road (25). Turn L, pass by cottages and arrive at the asphalt street (26), turn R and follow the street up. At the end of the street (2) turn L to the starting point (1) in village square.


Difficulty Levels

Easy: Flat to slight slopes

Moderate: Moderate Slopes

Difficult: Trail with Steep slopes

Very Difficult: Trail with very steep slopes requiring scrambling