Use the trail map together with the detailed descriptions to follow the trail.


Dipkarpaz Trail


Trail Info:

Start / End: Trailgate is located 50 meters beyond the parking area near Aphendrika Ruins. Aphendrika Ruins is located 7 kms east of Ayios Philon Church. Ayios Philon Church is on the north coast of Dipkarpaz Village.

Distance: 13 km

Duration: 4 5 hours

Ascent: +260 m

Difficulty level: Easy


Trailgate (1) - Red Rock

Start at the trail gate (1) with the sea at the back. Walk south on the stony footpath with many pottery shards. This section is defined with white-green and yellow-green paintmarks. Turn L 120 m ahead of the trail gate and climb uphill. Pass through the wooden gate (2) (use the gate even if it is closed). Take a L at the carob tree (with roots above ground) (3) on the right side of the dirt track. Turn R at the second carob tree (4) 30 m ahead of first one and walk uphill towards south. 500 m ahead, the dirt track narrows down to a stony footpath and continues to climb uphill. In this area, the footpath may blocked by thorny bushes placed by shepherds. Move them out of the way to pass through and then replace them back. Walk on for 500 m and on the right there is an olive orchard (5). Turn L without entering the olive orchard and arrive at the field on the widening path. Walk along the east side of the field to the southeastern corner (6). Enter the narrow footpath starting at the southeastern corner of the field. Do not take the footpath going downhill, take the footpath curving R. Turn L at the spacious flat area to south. 250 m ahead take a 90 degree R turn (7) to walk up to another field (8). Arrive at the field and turn L and walk along the east side of this field towards south for 160 m. Arrive at a junction for four dirt tracks (9). Turn R to take the dirt track going west. Find the directional pyramid P94 130 m ahead. Continue west on the dirt track (T141). From here on, there is only yellow-green paintmarks. Follow the road curving L to south by the stone house on the right. 250 m ahead the south coastline comes into view. Dirt track curves southwest and passes by the Red Rock.

Red Rock - Asphalt Road (16)

The dirt track (10) by the Red Rock runs downhill, uphill and then a steep downhill again for 400 m. At the bottom (11) of the descent, desert the dirt track curving left by going straight onto the narrow footpath to the right of the dirt track. Passing through small trees turn R to descend towards north. This section of the trail goes all the way down to the seaside and intermittently passes through very dense vegetation. Walk through the vegetation to reach a retaining wall (12) made of cut stones and turn R to descend to the bottom of the wall. Pass through a tall stand (13) of cypress trees. A 100 m from the cypress trees, turn L at the olive tree (14) on the left side of the path. The path will climb down into the vegetated bottom of the valley. Follow the path down along the valley for 1200 m and arrive at an open area to reach the dirt track (15). Turn R to east and then L to north on the dirt track. Follow the dirt track 850 m along the riverbed on the left all the way to the asphalt (16).

Asphalt Road (16) Trailgate (1)

Walk across the asphalt road and follow the dirt track towards the seaside. 500 m ahead is the Glaros Island. Turn R to east to follow the dirt track (17) meandering along the shoreline. 800 m ahead, the dirt track steers away from the shoreline to end up by a stone building (18). Take L towards the sea. Pass through the gap at the barb-wire fence (19) between two fields to follow the dirt track along the shoreline for 3 kms. At the end of 3 kms, the dirt track (20) curves right towards south. Down below on the left, there is a sandy beach with a big fig tree. Follow the road snaking through stone farm houses to reach a dirt track junction. There is the pyramid P95. Turn R to west. This section of the trail is defined with white-green and yellow-green paintmarks. 1500 m ahead is the Trail Gate (1).


Difficulty Levels

Easy: Flat to slight slopes

Moderate: Moderate Slopes

Difficult: Trail with Steep slopes

Very Difficult: Trail with very steep slopes requiring scrambling