Use the trail map together with the detailed descriptions to follow the trail.


Ayios Philon Trail


Trail Info:

Start/End: The trailhead is the Ayios Philon Church located on the north coast of Dipkarpaz Village.

Distance: 13,5 km

Duration: 4 - 5 hours

Ascent: +150 m

Difficulty level: Easy


Ayios Philon Church (1) Dipkarpaz Village (15)

The trailhead is the Agios Philon Church (1). Facing the church turn L and walk straight up the gentle slope on the asphalt road towards Dipkarpaz Village. This coastal area is covered with extensive sand dunes. In about 600 meters, arrive at the trailgate at a crossroad (2) between the asphalt road and a dirt track. The dirt track is very sandy. Turn L onto the sandy track between two carob trees. Stay on the main track curving L, R and at the junction (3) turn L and curve R again. Walk along an old barb-wire fence with fields to the left and typical arborescent vegetation to the right. After curving R up a moderate slope, pass by a sheep pen. Ignore smaller side tracks, curve L and walk down on a gentle slope to a flat part. At the next junction (4), turn half-R near an olive tree to walk up a gentle slope curving R. In about 30 meters, arrive at crossroads (5) and turn R. Follow the straight dirt track up a moderate slope, which soon curves L and passes by a big rock (6) split into two halves. At the next two junctions (7, 8), keep going straight on the main track. Further up, the track passes around the cliff base (9) of a hill and then climbs up a gentle slope with tall lentisk plants to the left and small plots of arable fields to the right. Several village houses are visible at the other side of the valley. At the next junction (10) turn R and climb up the hill straight into the village. Find the asphalt village street (11) and turn L on a street with an immediate curve to the R. Soon the asphalt ends (12), and dirt track continues straight. Pass by a small chapel and arrive at an asphalt street (13) again and turn R. Follow the street and at the next junction (14), turn R and then to first L. Pass through the village and a big church, going straight on the village street. Almost a kilometer from the big church the asphalt ends and dirt track starts (15).

Dipkarpaz Village (15) Ayios Philon Church (1)

At the next junction (16), turn R towards the sea, down on a gentle slope among red soil fields and olive trees. At the junction (17) turn R. Walk down the dirt track and turn R at the next junction (18), just before a stone house. The forest habitat around this track represents the drastic change in the landscape due to a natural spring in the area. Follow the track through the forest and use a narrow passage (19) to come to a steep climb next to a ruined house to the right. At the junction (20) near the house, turn L. Walk down a gentle slope, and as soon as passing a ruin, arrive at a fork (21) and take the track going L, down a steep slope. Descend into the right bank of the lush ravine and walk down to the sandy area under tall pine trees. At the next junction (22), turn R. Follow the main track and at the junction (23) with a metal signpost turn L towards the seaside. Ignoring the smaller side tracks meander around low sandhills and arrive at a fork (24) and take the track on the R. Keep straight towards the sea on the track and turn L at the junction (25) curving R and turn R at the next junction (26). Walk along the seaside on loose sand and then on dirt track passing by an old water well (27). At the next junction (28), turn R, away from the seaside. Walk along barb-wire fence and arrive at junction (29) and turn L. Follow the track, passing by a tomb (30) sunken on the side of the track, and at the next junction (31) turn L, leaving the main track. Soon after arrive at a fork (32) and take the R track which ends at an open space (33) with a nice view of a sandy beach. At the open space, turn R and use a narrow passage (34) between the bushes and the rocks to descend down to the beach. Cross the beach from one end to the other. At the other end, use the stone steps to climb up to a parking lot (35). Follow the dirt track leading out of the parking lot and arrive at the junction (36) with the asphalt road. Turn L to walk down to the starting point (1) near the church.



Difficulty Levels

Easy: Flat to slight slopes

Moderate: Moderate Slopes

Difficult: Trail with Steep slopes

Very Difficult: Trail with very steep slopes requiring scrambling